Everyone who knows me understands my love for music. It is simply everything to me.  The beat, the pulse. The effect on the audience. It’s such a profound feeling. I wanted to get even closer to music so I decided to learn it from the other  side- the DJ’s point of view and feel.  So here I’am starting my class at one of the greatest DJ schools in the city. The first lesson was very difficult for me. I was unable to do the things which seems so easy at first.

But similar to my days of countless hours on the piano, I started to practice. Now, every day is getting easier and easier. I’m having so much fun playing with music and controlling it. When I go out be it a lounge or club, I find myself studying the DJ much more carefully.  I’m listening to how he mixes songs, and how audiences responds to certain breaks in the music. Seeing it from both angles now, the appreciation for music is heightened to an even greater level.  I’m so thankful to DJs who supported me along this process and allowed me to practice with them at the DJ booth in the club. This is a great feeling. I feel like I’m stepping into different world, – DJ World.

And hopefully one day, I’ll be spinning at some hot spot in the City.


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